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What is Forge DNA?

Do you want to get to the heart of what Forge is all about? Then watch this video of our most recent online taster session that briefly explains the DNA of Forge Melbourne. The first 30 minutes covers the 6 key elements of movement DNA (mDNA). The last 30 minutes is Q&A involving session participants. If you want to learn more about mDNA why not register here for 4Gotten Ways in 4 Days.

Liminality – conversations on the Lounge

Liminality and Communitas is an element of movement DNA where communitas or the spirit of community emerges from our shared experiences of liminality. What exactly is liminality? Well watch these five conversations that we recorded during COVID year 2020 to learn more.

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Disciple Making – a closer look at this element of mDNA

Disciple Making is an element that together with five other elements behaves like DNA coded to bring about kingdom movement. Listen to Mike Frost talk about 5 habits that can nurture disciple making practices that play a significant part in extending the frontier of God’s kingdom through movement. Each habit is covered in a separate video in addition to the introduction.

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