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Forge Melbourne is delighted to be partnering with 5Q Central to support the establishment of an Australian based 5Q training and coaching region. This and other pages on this website will contain content about upcoming 5Q Australia training opportunities such as :

  • 5Q Introduction Course
  • 5Q Leadership Accelerator
  • 5Q Learning Community
  • 5Q Train the Trainer

5Q is the art of seeing APEST in Ephesians 4 not just as a prescriptive text to be obeyed, but also as an interpretive key to understanding God’s deeper purposes and design throughout creation, history, and The Church. In the book with the same title, Alan locates the origins of APEST in the nature and purposes of God, then identifies ways in which it is laced throughout creation in archetype and hero. He shows how it is perfectly exemplified in the life and ministry of Jesus and how it is bequeathed to the Body of Christ by Jesus in his ascension gifting and commissioning of the Church.

The result of seeing the fivefold/APEST like we have never seen it before affords us a comprehensive framework and systemic model that enables us to recalibrate the church’s ministry and mission along more biblical lines. We can actually identify what ails the church/organization and subsequently develop pathways to re-establish the dynamic ministry and mission of Christ in the Body of Christ. 5Q also provides leaders with a metric to assess the relative functionality (or dysfunctionality) of a local expression of the Body of Christ.

5Q provides a scripturally rich way for leaders committed to equipping and releasing the church into God’s redemptive purposes to assess and develop strategy and resources. 5Q leadership training, and coaching will provide you with numerous practical tools for developing transformative discipleship, deepening leadership capacities, and for processing organizational change.

5Q: Activating the Original Intelligence and Capacity of the Body of Christ
Training and coaching based upon the book by Alan Hirsch where he dives into the fivefold (APEST) typology of ministry as articulated in Ephesians 4:1-1, locating the roots of APEST in the nature and purposes of God, tracks how these are laced throughout creation and culture, how they reconstituted and perfectly exemplified in the life and ministry of Jesus, are embedded into the very foundations of the Church, and subsequently expressed through the lives of the countless saints that make it up.

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